Monday 21 July 2014

Maxx Rumble Soccer Book 2: Shocker!

Maxx Rumble Soccer Book 2: Shocker! by Michael Wagner, drawn by Terry Denton (black dog books)
PB RRP $ 9.95
ISBN 9781922244819
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

The second round of the Soccer Knockout Competition begins after the Stone Valley Saints manage to defeat the Kreepy Crawlies. Now they are up against the Outhouse Rodents and need to win this match to get into the Grand Final. The Rodents’ captain, Boofa, is a subversive captain of cheats. But his twin sister Jennifer takes the cake.

Rexx’s tummy is telling him that things are going to happen. He has no idea that they are going to happen to him, as his heart betrays him when he catches sight of Jennifer. Her flattering ways debilitate Rexx and her rocket kick has the Rodents ahead and the game almost won.

Can Maxx shake Rexx out of his love spell before they’re destroyed? How can the Stone Valley Saints catch up, with Boofa and Jennifer wearing them down emotionally? What tactics are left to them with the minutes ticking away?

More laughs, action, and deviousness as the teams battle to get into the Grand Final. The names of the characters in this series are entertainment in themselves. The point-to-point descriptions of play are fantastic, and the language clever. Again Terry Denton has surpassed himself with the characters and their expressions that add humour and mischief to the story. Look out for Book 3 – Grand Final.

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