Tuesday 26 August 2014

Messenger: the Legend of Joan of Arc

Messenger: the Legend of Joan of Arc by Tony Lee, illustrated by Sam Hart (Walker Books)
PB RRP $ 22.95
ISBN 9781406336153
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Joan of Arc was known as the Messenger. Her visions began in 1424 when she was thirteen years old. These visions and the voices of the Saints guided her towards the salvation of France against the onslaught of the English and their Burgundian allies.

In an outstanding retelling by Tony Lee through this graphic novel, brilliantly illustrated by Sam Hart in bold shadowed and bright shades of colour, we relive the legend of Joan of Arc until her burning at the stake in May 1431.

This is an historical fiction novel about faith, adventure, treachery, betrayal and manipulation. It reflects on absolute power and its tragic outcomes, and the position of the Church during the 1400s.

Joan of Arc, now the Patron Saint of France, became a martyr after the verdict of 1431 was overturned by the Church in 1456. Her Beautification took place in 1909, and she was made a Saint by Pope Benedict XV in 1920. 

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  1. Poor Joan! What a horrible way to go. Unfortunately, over the years, I've started to suspect there was a mental illness involved, with those "voices" she heard. I had a student only a couple of years ago who stared out of the classroom window and murmured, "The voices told me I'm the chosen one." Oh, dear.


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