Monday 8 September 2014


Tribute by Ellen Renner (Hot Key Books)
PB RRP $16.95
ISBN 978-1-4714-0031-5
Ebook ISBN 978-1-4714-0032-2
Reviewed by Jacque Duffy

I must say I was hooked from the opening lines and first few paragraphs.

Swift. I named her for the bird. When she first came I saw something small and drab: that spent hours huddled in the corners of my father’s house…  I took her by the hand which is forbidden. I named her for the bird I loved most, and we ran through the marble halls together.

I read late into the night, enjoying the story, wanting to know what would happen to the characters I had become so fond of. This is the story of Zara, a young mage. She lives in a world where magic is power and the non-magical are slaves. Technology and literacy are forbidden, and each commoner must give up their first-born child to the mages and lifelong enslavement as servants and soldiers - these are the Tribute children.

Ellen Renner author of City of Thieves and Castle of Shadows, has woven a lively story entwining loss, a blossoming love, and action. The world she has created is recognizable and comfortable, the magic believable and the names of people and objects easily pronounceable, her turn of phrase is often beautiful. Tribute had a satisfying ending with no loose threads BUT as the reader I had unanswered questions that I am sure lead into another book.

The perfect blend of fantasy and romance, with enough bloodletting to satisfy any male reader.

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