Monday 13 October 2014

Marvellous Me

Marvellous Me by Angela Boyle, illustrated by Carolyn Rose (Little Steps Publishing)
PB RRP A$14.95
ISBN 9781925117127
Reviewed by Rose Davies

Colourfully and imaginatively illustrated, with cute pen and watercolour double page spreads, this themed book is a very basic positive thinking book for young ones with the target 3-8 years old. Exploring the different facets of personality and what makes each of us different and uniquely lovable, the book encourages children to think positively. It doesn’t matter whether you are short or tall, whether you can count to 10, or how we are different, the important thing is to feel good inside and to love ourselves.

Angela Boyle is located in Sydney and works as a social worker. She is inspired to capture the power of the human spirit to change lives and overcome obstacles. Carolyn Boyle is an artist and musician and also describes herself as a dreamer, who enjoys the process of creativity and sharing creativity in its many forms, with others.

Rose Davies is an established non-fiction author of environment and nature books for adults. She also writes freelance for several publications, runs a consultancy business focussed on community nature and environment education. She has been writing reviews for a variety of publications for over 25 years. 

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