Wednesday 8 October 2014

The 39 Clues Cahill vs Vespers Book 5: Trust No One by Linda Sue Park (Scholastic Inc)
HB RRP $17.99
ISBN 978-0-545–29843-8
Reviewed by Jenny Heslop

Thirteen year old Dan Cahill and his older sister Amy are in a race against time. Their elusive enemies, the Vespers, have requested an impossible task in return for the lives of Dan and Amy's family and friends whom the Vespers have kidnapped. Now, they also know that there is mole amongst them. And it could be someone very close to Dan and Amy.
What will they have to do to find the missing ancient manuscript and keep Atticus safe from the deadly Isabel Kabra? And who is Vesper One, the leader of the terrifying group who are pulling the strings of the Cahill's life? This time the mission may just be too much for the children to complete.
This is the next instalment in the muti-platformed popular series The 39 Steps. It is an action packed thrilling adventure which begins and ends in the thick of the roller coaster ride. The story line is full of intrigue and feels like a young spy story with likeable, resourceful, brave main characters and their darkly evil nemesis.

The book comes with six clue cards which can help intrepid readers become part of the adventure on line at

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