Wednesday 29 October 2014

The 39 Clues Cahill vs Vespers Book 6: Day of Doom

The 39 Clues Cahill vs Vespers Book 6: Day of Doom by David Baldacci (Scholastic Inc)
HB RRP $17.99
ISBN 978-0-54529844-5
Reviewed by Jenny Heslop

Thirteen year old Dan Cahill and his older sister Amy are running out of time. This will be their last chance to save their friends, family and ultimately thousands of people from Vesper One's horrific plot. In a desperate race from Washington DC to deep in the Cascade Mountains, the siblings need to decide who they can trust to keep them safe whilst following the twists and turns - led by fate and Isabel Kabra.
Each book in this popular 39 Clues series is written by a different author, giving each instalment a slightly different feel and this title does feel a little younger than the previous few. This is probably mostly due to the dramatic writing tone and atmosphere that Baldacci brings to Day of Doom, the final instalment in the Cahill's vs. Vespers series. David Baldacci is a writer well known in the adult action/thriller genre and he certainly keeps the action pumped and the reader wound tightly right up to the final denouement.
Another aspect of the writing I enjoyed is the way the recap of characters and events is woven into the beginning of the story. Baldacci has cleverly reminded the readers who is being held hostage, who is on the Cahill's side and how the plot has been progressing, without retelling or going over previous ground. And this recap is needed. By the beginning of this book there are many characters, some of which have switched sides and allegiances countless times.
This is an action packed finale which will keep readers on their toes, unwilling to put the book down.
Day of Doom comes with six clue cards which can help intrepid readers become part of the adventure on line at
After the pages close on this final Cahill vs. Vespers adventure, a new one starts immediately with Nowhere to Run, the first book in Unstoppable, the third series in The 39 Clues.

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