Tuesday 21 October 2014

Where are Santa's Pants? by Richard Merrit (Little Hare)
ISBN 978-1-921541-50-6

PB $9.95 RRP

Reviewed by Nean McKenzie


Where are Santa's Pants? is basically Where's Wally? with a Christmas theme. The introduction explains the predicament: Santa has lost weight (he's been dieting) and now his pants keep falling off. The reader's job is to find Santa's pants on each page —he's got a few pairs in different colours. Also there to find, are the reindeer and a lucky sixpence, if you're extremely observant.


There's a reason this book is recommended for kids five and over — these things are not easy to find! The illustrations are packed with colour and detail so it will keep the children quiet for some time as they search for the various objects. Each page has a theme which has something to do with Christmas, such as the North Pole, the beach, the ice rink and the department store, to name a few. The last page is a vibrant-looking apartment block where different people are celebrating the festive season in their own unique ways.


There's quirky humour such as a giraffe in a taxi, a mermaid watching a Christmas concert and two snow people getting married. There's someone who looks like Wally on one page as well. Kids can have a lot of fun while getting into the Christmas spirit. For those who get stumped, or even those who want to cheat, the answers are on the last few pages. Small versions of the previous pictures are dotted with circles showing the location of the pants and reindeer.


This is a reprint of Where are Santa's Pants? which was originally put out in 2010 and reprinted in 2011. Available now as well is a follow-up book called Where is Santa's Suit?  also illustrated by Richard Merrit.


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