Wednesday 19 November 2014

Alien Wizardry

Alien Wizardry by Antoinette Conolly 
PB RRP $25
ISBN 9780977586042
Reviewed by Sandra Park

Author Antoinette Conolly was compelled to write Alien Wizardry as the readers of the Cauchemar Trilogy would ask her what happened next. Alien Wizardry is the first book in a sequel trilogy and once again Zachary travels to Cauchemar. He is called to the magical world by his friend Mactavish, a ginger cat and Zachary’s previous travelling companion who remained in Cauchemar and is now a powerful wizard. However, one of the most powerful wizards, Malfactorius, is intent on destroying Cauchemar through an ancient prophecy.

According to the prophecy, though, alien help will save the world. And that is where Zachary and his new cat companion Taffy come in. Through the powers of a magical stone, they travel back to the Cauchemar and link up with old friends and new including Magenta the witch, Bijour the dragon and Ulysses the unicorn to thwart the prophecy. They travel to lands which have the most unusual inhabitants such as musical instruments and walking flowers. It is in these lands that the solutions to the prophecy are found and they are linked to the senses. However, it is the final sense that is the most difficult to work out. It is only at the very last, when it seems that Malfactorius has indeed triumphed, that they work out the final sense – a sense of humour! 

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