Sunday 22 February 2015

Elizabeth Rose on Parade

Elizabeth Rose on Parade by Jaquelyn Muller, illustrated by Kathryn Zammit (Jaquelyn Muller Books)
HC RRP $24.95
ISBN 9780646921266
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Following I Love You 5 Lollipops, Elizabeth Rose and her extraordinary and talented family are back again with more circus entertainment on parade. The delicate watercolour illustrations, superb cover and end pages by Kathryn Zammit, add to the elegance that is this ensemble’s trademark. There are also additional exciting and daring performers introduced to readers.

In clever rhyming verse we are introduced to the talents of the clown, dog, showgirl, strongman, stilt walker, and the hoop-throwing Gypsy. But none of those, or the elephants, cannon man, lion, high walker, fire blower or the acrobats can ‘excite or amaze like Elizabeth Rose.’ She is the star that shines around and above all the other circus performers, regardless of their abilities.

This delicious publication is as soft as fairy floss, as gentle as love, and as refreshing as a cool icy-pole on a hot day. Delightfully presented, it promises to be the main feature on any young girl’s book case due to its attractive and sparkling characters. It is an ideal book to be shared and examined together with an adult at bedtime, for the 6 months to 6 year age group.

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