Tuesday 10 February 2015

My Family: Going Fishing

My Family: Going Fishing by Robyn Osborne, illustrated by Colin Stevens (Big Sky Publishing)
PB RRP $15.25
ISBN 9781922132567
Reviewed by Dianne Bates

This is the second picture book in the My Family series wherein a conventional family has a series of adventures. Last time it was camping, this time it is taking to sea in a boat for a fishing expedition. Dad is now the family motivator with four family members – Mum, Morgan, Condon and Nikky – reluctant to take up her latest idea of family ‘fun,’ all offering excuses. Twin brother Morgan seems to have the most valid excuse – seasickness. But Dad prevails and soon the family is trapped in a small red speedboat boat (all wearing life-vests) with things going overboard (like Morgan’s breakfast!) There’s even Nikky’s dog onboard – for a while.

As with the first book, most of the family members experience some kind of small disaster. Dad continues with his tally-ho attitude and soon things (not necessarily fish) are being caught.
The typeface of this paperback is large and easy to read but from time to time words are printed in bold. Not sure why as this doesn’t serve the book in any way. The illustrations are brightly coloured and there’s a nice sense of movement in a double-paged spread of the boat at sea surrounded by seagulls. This book would be of most interest to a new reader.

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