Thursday 26 March 2015


Home by Carson Ellis (Walker Books)
HC RRP $24.95
ISBN 9781406359428
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

There are many definitions of Home. There are also many places to call home. It might be in a house on wheels, a city underwater, a hollow in a tree, a large apartment building or a tiny house. There are so many options to claim. Don’t forget that there was on old woman who lived in a shoe. There’s one in this book too, along with all her children.

In Home, Carson Ellis’ first complete book, we are introduced to the many places people and animals call their home. She examines the what, who and why of homes around the world, and the different types of living arrangements that depend on climate and country, lifestyle and affordability.

Ellis’ exquisite style and colour choice for her illustrations accentuates her clever and minimal use of words. Darker shades are used than are normally found in children’s books, but this choice serves the theme and text well. There is a large amount of visual information to be found in the illustrations. This book is ideal for an adult to share with a child of 3+, for questions and discussion will be born from the detailed images. It is also a stimulating book for children to imagine and create their own stories with, simply from the illustrations alone.

Whether it is a nest, a boat or a wigwam, a palace, the home of a Japanese businessman, or a Slovakian duchess, home is where you live and are happy.

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