Sunday 12 April 2015


Loveability by Dannielle Miller and Nina Funnell (Angus & Robertson)
PB RRP $16.99
ISBN 978 07322 96469

Reviewed by Dianne Bates

Subtitled An Empowered Girl’s Guide to Dating and Relationships, this book has been co-authored by two women with an impressive list of credentials in relationships and writing – and more. To read this book is to hear the voices of great-aunts who’ve been there and done that and have lots of valuable advice for someone who hasn’t. It’s a comprehensive book that includes quizzes, questions and answers, compatibility tests and (according to the cover) ‘the ultimate true love checklist.’ To make the book more appealing, there is a variety of typefaces, break-outs and lots of headings and sub-headings.

Chapters deal with situations such as having crushes, body image, friendships, sex and power, how to heal heartbreak and more. There is a substantial list of resources at the back of the book such as useful websites, organisations and books as well as end notes that allow the reader to check out specific sites if needed.

It’s difficult to imagine a more comprehensive book on the subject so dear to a teenage girl’s heart and life. As founder/publisher of Mia Freedman says, ‘an empowering advice book… brilliant and about time. Should be compulsory reading.’

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