Thursday 7 May 2015

In Mortal Danger

In Mortal Danger by Lorraine Campbell (Palmer Higgs)
PB RRP $ 24.95
ISBN 9780992549343
Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

In Mortal Danger, the sequel to the outstanding Resisting the Enemy turns the focus from Valli and her dangerous Resistance activities, to the other main character of the story, the attractive, aloof Colonel Maximilian Von Stahlmann, billeted in Valli’s grandmother’s villa. We learn about his life as a soldier and the battles he has taken part in, what he has seen, and how it has influenced his beliefs and actions. The kind of man he has become inside due to his experiences isn’t the stiff, robotic Colonel others see him as. Although he is a German soldier under orders, he has principles he lives by, a mind of his own, honour, and the courage of his convictions.

Valli is finding it hard to fight the attraction she feels towards Von Stahlmann, who in turn, can no longer contain his feelings toward her. She is filled with self-loathing at her longing for the enemy. Nevertheless, their passion is ignited. Valli is destroyed when she learns he is married. Now her hatred toward him is justified and absolute.

When her best friend Margie, a French Jew, is betrayed and arrested, and ordered to the internment camp, Valli goes to extraordinary measures to secure her release. But there are others in mortal danger, not just Margie. The two children she saved from the streets are also at risk. Will a conflict of interests handicap Valli’s plea for help from Von Stahlmann, or will he stay true to his real self? Furthermore, does love have a place in a world full of turmoil and death?

A fantastic conclusion to an excellent two-book series set in the turbulent years of WW2 for the 16+ age group. As with the first book, there is mystery, suspense, adventure, love and passion, and a riveting story that moves between Australia and France.

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