Saturday 13 June 2015

Bush Rescue: Pup Patrol #2

Bush Rescue: Pup Patrol #2 by Darrel and Sally Odgers (Scholastic Press)
PB RRP $9.99
ISBN 978-1-74362-300-8

Reviewed by Jenny Heslop

James and Stamp are on the road again but this time they are joined in the Fourby 4WD by new friend Ace, a mixed breed of Terrier with no manners. It is up to Barnaby Station Stamp Of Approval - Stamp for short - and his master James to teach Ace how to behave.
But before they can travel too far a new arrival flies in through the window and perches on the seat next to Ace. Stamp is happy to talk to someone new but Ace is not so sure about Daisy Ado the Cockatoo so James decides on a detour through the next town to find her owner.
In town, there is a smell of smoke in the air and the local vet asks James and Stamp to help look after all the animals being brought in by worried owners as a bushfire moves closer. Will the town have to evacuate? Can they find Daisy Ado's owner in time?
This is a lovely new Australian series for young readers and animal lovers. The adventure and excitement is balanced by the humour and the really likeable, engaging characters. Each animal in the story has a wonderful name along with their own unique personality. In this emergency situation there are all sorts of animals together who wouldn't usually mingle and it makes for fabulous and humorous conversation.
More difficult words or dogisms are printed in bold and can be found in Stamp’s Glossary at the end of every chapter. Many challenging words within this story are words which relate to emergencies and bushfires.
Great for early readers (6 years and over),  Bush Rescue is filled with lovely black and white illustrations including adorable pictures of Stamp the Border Collie and Ace, the Terrier. The gentle humour is often in the play between animal and human, or the talk amongst the animals. The relationship between Stamp and his master James is a lovely one. 
There is a sensible, rather than sensational, approach to bushfires, safety and pet care. The Australian flavour feels comfortable within the setting, story and language.

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