Thursday 4 June 2015

Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon written and illustrated by Lindsey Yankey (NewSouth Books)
HB RRP $21.99
ISBN 978-1-92701-860-6

Reviewed by Peta Biggin

Sun and Moon have always held their own places in the sky, but after a lifetime of darkness Moon wants to trade places.  “Just for one day,” begs Moon.  Before agreeing to grant his wish, however, Sun makes a special request.  Will it change Moon’s mind?

Sun and Moon is the latest book from American author/illustrator Lindsey Yankey.  A grass-is-greener story, it shows the importance of appreciating what you have in life rather than yearning for that possessed, or what you imagine is possessed, by someone else.

Moon is envious of the sights he believes is enjoyed by Sun during the day as compared to his boring view at night.  So he proposes that they swap for a day.  Sun agrees but on the condition that it be permanent and that before they swap Moon takes the time to really look at the world, closer than he ever has before, for an entire night.  Moon is thrilled however, to his surprise, when he studies the world that night he discovers that there so much to see and that the world at night is an exciting and beautiful place.  When he really appreciates what he’d be giving up, he decides that he’d rather not swap with Sun after all.

This is a lovely story with an important message.  However, for me the real strength of the book is the beautiful full-page illustrations throughout.  They are bold, colourful and detailed.  There is a whimsical nature to Lindsey Yankey’s style that is a little bit art nouveau, tribal and even Yellow Submarine.  Such a visually striking book is sure to become a favourite in any child’s collection.

Lindsey Yankey is an American author and illustrator.  Using a variety of materials for her artwork, she finds her inspiration from nature, books, people, animals and travelling. Her work has been displayed as part of group and solo shows with the US.  Sun and Moon is her second children’s picture book.  She can be found online at:

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