Saturday 25 July 2015

Wolves of the Witchwood: The Impossible Quest #2

Wolves of the Witchwood: The Impossible Quest #2 by Kate Forsyth (Scholastic Press)
PB RRP $14.99
ISBN 978-1-74362-407-4

Reviewed by Jenny Heslop

After freeing a unicorn from the gloomy castle of Lord Mortlake, four frightened children flee into the dense and foreboding Witchwood. Tom, Quinn, Elanor and Sebastian - the four prophesized to free the kingdom - are surrounded by the howling of wolves, alone and unsure about what to do next. The existence of the unicorn by their side is proof that the mythical beasts they seek are definitely real – or at least one is. But where can they begin the search for a griffin, a dragon or a sea serpent?
The appearance of the wise witch Wilda seems to be a blessing, but can she really be trusted? And will the horrific bog-men, agents of Lord Mortlake, find the children in the depths of these dark woods?
Wolves of Witchwood is the second in an exciting new fantasy adventure series for middle grade readers. The action is fast-paced, but the storyline itself is steeped in magic and old world atmosphere. The four children are solid characters with realistic intentions and are easy to spend time with. As the story progresses, they change, grow and learn to use and harness the power of their magical gifts, make better decisions and learn to work together as a team.
There are many surprises waiting within the pages but they are logical and you can always see, in hindsight, that of course that was going to happen. The suspense builds well with cliff-hangers at the end of short chapters, causing the reader to speed up, keep pace with the action, and reach for the next book in The Impossible Quest series.

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