Sunday 23 August 2015

Keeper of the Crystals: Eve and the Runaway Unicorn

Keeper of the Crystals: Eve and the Runaway Unicorn by Jess Black (New Frontier Publishing)
PB RRP $ 14.99
ISBN 9780957988415

Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Eve is staying at her Granny’s place in a town full of old people, with the exception of Oscar, who lives next door. ‘You are never to go into the attic!’ is Granny’s rule. Tell children not to do something and they will go straight and do it. Eve is bored and she and Oscar decide to explore the forbidden attic.

Eve takes the keys while Granny is sleeping and it’s in a locked metal trunk that she finds the crystal unicorn. The bright light generated by the unicorn is a portal into a strange and mysterious land. Eve and Oscar land on sand in the desert of Panthor near the Borderlands, and embark on the adventure of their life. Panthor is a land where animals and people live in harmony, and communicate through their thoughts.

 Eve discovers that the imprint of the crystal unicorn stays on her palm. This has a significance that is revealed later in the story.

Greeted by Callie, one of the outliers, Eve is surprised to learn that her arrival was foretold in a prophecy. Her coming means the return of the unicorn, and freedom for the people from the king who has enslaved them.

The children go to the Lakes of Trapor in the heart of the Borderlands and into forbidden territory, to find the unicorn and overthrow the king. Will they succeed in their quest? Can they find a way to return home?

This fantasy adventure for the 7+ age groups is the beginning of a series where animals, people and other living things, live in harmony. Eve for some unrevealed reason is chosen as the Keeper of the Crystals. Each story has a new and challenging quest. It has mystery and intrigue, secrets and revelations. This book ends with a dangling teaser alluding to Granny and why the unicorn crystal was discovered in her attic. The next book, Keeper of the Crystals: Eve and the Fiery Phoenix, is also out now.

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