Sunday 16 August 2015

The Party Club

The Party Club by Anne Fine, illustrated by Arthur Robins (Walker Books)
HC RRP $19.95
ISBN 9781406353129

Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Rosie loves birthday parties. She loves everything about them from the balloons to the give-away bags at the end. She gets excited about the birthday list at school and looks forward to being invited.

But things have changed this year. All the kids on the birthday list are considering alternate ways to celebrate their birthday. As one reveals their idea, a new idea is born for other birthday celebrations as some children feel they are getting too old for parties.

Rosie decides to create a Party Club to keep birthday parties alive. She suggests a ghost party, perhaps a monster party, or even a clown party.  But there is no interest in any of them. Even Rosie’s parents are considering not having any more birthday parties.

Rosie makes a list of all the good things about birthday parties. Her parents make a list of all the bad things about having them. Rosie can’t seem to convince her friends or parents that things should remain the same.

It isn’t until Gracie invites Rosie to a show and dinner to celebrate her birthday that Rosie realizes that birthdays can be celebrated in lots of ways, and with just a few best friends.

This is a great story about adapting to change, and being open to new ways of celebrating and having fun.

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