Friday 4 September 2015

Dog and the Lost Leg

Dog and the Lost Leg by Carlee Yardley (Walker Books)
PB RRP $ 16.95
ISBN 9781925081084

Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Dog has lost his jiggle. He can no longer stand straight because one of his legs is missing. But where has it gone? Where do legs go when they go missing? Dog and his friend Fox set out to solve the mystery.

Their first stop is Bruno the bear’s motorbike shop. He comes back with a leg in a boot, but it’s definitely not Dog’s. They go onto Harriet the hare’s fruit market next door, where Harriet obligingly rummages through the lost property box. All she finds is a chicken leg, which Dog tries on, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit.

The search continues with hilarious outcomes. The visit to Pete the peacock’s barber shop proves unsuccessful; he has lots of tails but no legs. He offers them to Dog, but what will he do with them?

They thought they were lucky at last with Ollie the owl who had a pile of legs in his suitcase. But none matched the size Dog needed. One was too long, the other too prickly, and the last was too wobbly and sent Dog tumbling to the floor.

Dog is broken-hearted. Is he doomed to be a three-legged dog?

It is Fox and his brilliant idea that saves the day and brings a smile and a fourth leg to Dog with the help of Pip, the owner of the fabric shop.

This is a delightful tale of friendships and having someone to turn to in difficult times. It is also a lesson in making do with what you have. The best message here is that sometimes it’s even exciting being a little different.

I have never seen felt artwork before. This simple, understated expression is perfectly combined with the text to make it a union of unexpected surprises. Colourful and a certain conversation piece, Carlee Yardley’s first picture book is a novelty that’s beautifully presented. It’s ideal for the 3+ age groups and will easily become a favourite of younger readers.

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