Tuesday 15 September 2015

Emu’s Halloween

Emu’s Halloween written by Anne Mangan, illustrated by David Cornish (Harper Collins) HBK RRP $14.99   ISBN 9780732298906
Reviewed by Sharon McGuinness

Poor Emu was having a Halloween party but couldn’t seem to come up with some scary ideas. Luckily, Cockatoo overheard his dismay and rallied the other animals to help.

With Echidna dressed as Dracula, Koala as Frankenstein’s monster and Kangaroo as a zombie, the party was sure to be a success.

As a team, the animals set to work making a witches brew, dips with pretend flies, cutting out paper ghosts and bats to ensure a thoroughly scary party.

David Cornish’s brilliant illustrations are the perfect complement to this rhyming tale. 

It gives an Australian flavour to a usually American holiday and will be a hit in the lead up to Halloween. The party game and craft ideas enjoyed by the animals could also be replicated easily, should families or even a class decide to hold their own Halloween party.

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