Thursday 22 October 2015

Elephant Kitten

Elephant Kitten by Margaret Evans, illustrated by Sophie Norsa (Little Steps Publishing)

PB RRP $16.95
ISBN: 9781925117394

Reviewed by Anne Hamilton

Towser the kitten is a gift to Toby, a tow-headed boy who wanted an elephant. When Toby goes to answer the door, Towser escapes the family room and goes exploring. His adventures take him from room to room while he reflects on what he’d do if he really was an elephant. Finally he comes face to face with a kitten which mimics his every move. Perhaps it’s fortunate he’s not an elephant or there’d be a lot of broken mirror around!

The easy, fluid style of the illustrations generally complements the text beautifully. However one or two have busy, muddy backgrounds that (at least in print) detract from, rather than enhance, the story.

The story is based on a real-life experience when the author’s kitten was spooked by his own reflection. The fun, imaginative elements are based on her father’s interpretation of the kitten’s elephant-like heart and soul.

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