Saturday 24 October 2015

My Dead Bunny

My Dead Bunny by Sigi Cohen, illustrated by James Foley (Walker Books)
HC RRP $19.95
ISBN 9781922179593

Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

In time for Halloween comes the story of Brad the zombiefied bunny in rollicking rhyming verse. It all starts one night when the boy and his two friends are watching a Zombie movie. Bunny Brad obviously bored, decides to gnaw through the electrical cord with obvious results.

Naturally the boy is broken-hearted at the loss of his pet. He’s told by dad about Bunny heaven but needs to see for himself if bunny’s all right down there in the dirt. So he digs him up with traumatic results for the family.

This somewhat gruesome tale for the 8+ years age groups will appeal to boys with a skewered sense of humour or a bent towards zombies and such. Its clever use of words combined with outstanding digitally created illustrations that accentuate the text, will have them in stitches. Not your traditional children’s picture book, but a none-the-less superb production. The expressions on the character’s faces run in perfect sync to the text.  Presented mostly in black and white except for the scenes with Brad the bunny, it is an entertaining read which I can see being passed around under desks at school.

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