Monday 21 December 2015

Adelaide’s Secret World

Adelaide’s Secret World by Elise Hurst (Allen & Unwin 2015)
HB RRP $24.99
ISBN: 9781743313350

Reviewed by Jade Harmer

Adelaide’s Secret World by Elise Hurst is a striking picture book that subtly portrays themes of loneliness, courage, and friendship.

Adelaide is a quiet, creative protagonist who evokes a sense of hope and longing. Over time, she has become an outsider, observing the city from her secret world with curiosity and intrigue. She sees herself as one of “the quiet ones” – one of those she notices who, like her, take the time to see, hear and feel the world around them, but who have lost their voices.

The question asked is can Adelaide find a way to step from the safety of her secret world and connect these kindred spirits?

The answer is magical and inspiring, especially for those among us who can relate to the journey of “the quiet ones”.

Hurst’s oil painting illustrations create a soft, dream-like world filled with a captivating sense of richness and wonder, complemented by rhythmic, poetic language.

This is a special story about finding ones place in the world and being comfortable enough in your own skin to reach out to others for friendship, comfort and a sense of belonging.

This is a book for encouraging children and adults alike to embrace their own unique voice.

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  1. My daughter Amy got hold of this book, “Adelaide’s Secret World”, which she enjoyed it a lot. After work, no matter how tired I am from the self storage office, she would always get me to read a few pages before she sleeps. I wonder if there are more similar titles like this that are out in the market. Great recommendation from one of my staff at the self-storage.


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