Thursday 17 December 2015

Laugh Your Head Off

Laugh Your Head Off – Funny stories for all kinds of kids by Andy Griffiths, Andrew Daddo, Frances Watts, Sam Bowring, Randa Abdel-Fattah, James O’Loghlin, Judith Rossell, Tristan Banks and Lollie Barr (Pan Macmillan Australia)
ISBN 978-1-74353-787-9

Reviewed by Ramona Davey

Imagine a book full of stories from all of your favourite funny Australian authors. That is what this anthology, Laugh Your Head Of, offers.

Here are nine funny stories that include a robot programmed to put his sister’s head in the toilet, a grandpa who keeps getting one-up on his grandson, a talking rock that manages rock stars, a café owner who likes his café dirty to keep the customers away, a boy whose silly face got stuck in the wind (well his mum did warn him), a boy who wants revenge on his teacher, an over-enthusiastic fairy, a plan to nit infest the whole school and a space mission with five kids, a monkey and some strange visitors.

The comic-styled three colour illustrations by Andrea Innocent are scattered throughout the book breaking up the text for those readers who might find too many words daunting.

The bonus about one book with many short stories is that you can read one in a night. This is a fun-filled chapter book for primary aged children aged six years and above.

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