Saturday 12 December 2015

Winston Knows

Winston Knows by Jan Gaebler Smith illustrated by Marie Jonsson-Harrison (My Literary Adventure) PB RRP $14.95 ISBN 780994228901

Reviewed by Dianne Bates

This is a debut children’s picture book collaboration between former journalist, librarian and bookseller Jan Gaebler Smith and international photographic model and artist, Marie Jonsson-Harrison. 

Written for children aged three to eight years, the story is a simple one about an indoor cat, Winston, who never gets to go on walks. He stays at home: (‘Winston lay (sic) sleeping in Nick’s favourite chair.’) Nick and Nora are Winston’s owners and owner, too, of a dog Betsy which they take walking every day. The book shows the couple and Betsy in a variety of places such as the beach, the pet shop, fish shop and post office while Winston continues to sleep. But when the trio arrives home, we see Winston living vicariously.

The book illustrations feature the vibrant colours of Marie Jonsson-Harrison’s unique and quirky na├»ve art style of painting and ceramic mosaics which are very cleverly and seamlessly blended together. Each of the illustrations, particularly those featuring the walk, is full of details which most children will love poring over. Of special note is that the pages of the book are all high quality durable gloss paper which will never tear or get dirty, ideal for small fingers.

This is the first book published by My Literary Adventure, a new bespoke publishing and literary association based in Australia. Its website says, ‘We seek to facilitate a collaborative creative culture between authors, illustrators and readers.’ Winston Knows is available through

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