Friday 22 January 2016

Oliver's Grumbles

Oliver's Grumbles by Yvonne Mes, illustrated by Giuseppe Poli  (Dragon Tales Publishing) HB RRP $22.95 HB ISBN 978-0-9944280-0-4
Reviewed by Kaye Baillie

Oliver is a boy who smiles and laughs at lots of things like a silly song or a passing train, but then there are times when things make him growl and grizzle and grumble. In 'Oliver’s grumbles', when Oliver gets the grumbles, he really gets them. His grumbles become so real that these pesky little creatures come to life. When the grumbles steal his favourite red snuggle blanket, Oliver ‘pops’ and decides he’s going to deal with the grumbles once and for all, but in a very nice way. 

In this picture book for younger readers, the author makes clever use of alliteration which enhances her playful action filled text as we ride the storm of Oliver’s bad day to his calming solution.
Children will be drawn to Giuseppe Poli’s attractive cover showing Oliver and his mischievous grumbles. The title font and cross-out word are also kid-friendly and clues us in to how the grumbles are taking over. The illustrations throughout are attractive and colourful and the grumbles have the right mix of being naughty but irresistible. The colour variations to the text work well to highlight mood and action.

This is a wonderful book to read and read again, especially at bedtime.

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  1. I love a book with some fun alliteration. Great review, Kaye!


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