Sunday 3 January 2016

Timmy Failure 4: Sanitised For Your Protection

Timmy Failure 4: Sanitised For Your Protection by Stephan Pastis (Walker Books)
HC RRP $17.95
ISBN 9781406363494

Reviewed by Anastasia Gonis

Book 4 is full of the usual verbal cleverness and chaos as Timmy joins his mother on a road trip to Chicago. They are helping Doorman Dave, mother’s boyfriend move, and as always, life is full of unpredictability. Timmy is faced with another crime to solve and everyone is a suspect to the over-confident detective. Additional stress is placed on him when his former partner the bear starts acting up, causing problems, and spending money that Timmy doesn’t have.

By some twisted force of nature, he encounters Molly Moskins who in Timmy’s eyes is a notorious criminal and nothing will change that view. After all she does confess twice. She even consents to a lie detector test. But is this proof enough to close the YIP YAP case? Things are turned on their head again when Corrina Corrina ends up in Chicago as well. Timmy is thrown off course by news his mother finds hard to tell him.

This award winning creator has once again surpassed all expectation with his extraordinary use of language. At times traumatic to the senses, but always hysterically funny in its oddity, this highly imaginative and entertaining book will keep kids 8 years and older laughing out loud.

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