Thursday 7 April 2016

Being You is Enough (and other important stuff)

Being You is Enough (and other important stuff) written and illustrated by Josh Langley PB
ISBN: 9781925275827

Reviewed By Josie Taylor
The bright coloured cover and title of this picture book immediately attracted me, especially with its sub –heading “And more important stuff” which made me open the book and continue reading.  

Being You is Enough focuses on inspirational messages to children. It’s a positive affirmation book for kids to help with self esteem and making them feel comfortable in their own skin.

The bright colours and cartoon illustrations give great context to the writing with its eleven important animals created with a touch of the writer’s bold fun and cheeky humour. This will pull you in and enhance the meaning of your life and other interesting ways it can be looked at.

This book is sure to become a fast seller suitable for adults and children.  

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