Sunday 10 April 2016

I Am Doodle Cat

I Am Doodle Cat written by Kat Patrick and illustrated by Lauren Marriott (Scribe) HB ISBN 9781925321258

Reviewed by Dianne Bates

Doodle Cat is a big squarish solid red creature featured on every page dancing, playing drums and showing its love of sun-baking, and hugging trees and its friends. Most pages show lots of white space but now and again there are colours other than red, for instance where there are many examples of things Doodle Cat loves, such as fish-shaped biscuits, toy mice, birds and a 20-metre ball of string. Most pages there is a picture of the cat with a simple one sentence text – ‘I love lentils’, ‘I love baths.’ 

The penultimate double-paged spread shows dozens of other cats of all different sizes, shapes and colours. In the final spread are lots of facts that pertain to certain sections of the book. For example, Doodle Cat has said ‘I love farts’ so that there is a paragraph which tells the reader that ‘the average person produces  a litre of farts a day.’ There are also facts about fractals (a never ending pattern that looks the same at any size), trees, friends, the ocean, stars, difference and me (‘I love me’). The last sentence invites the reader to start a list of all things ‘you like best about yourself.’

What this reader liked most about this book were the double-page red-coloured fly pages with a pattern of dozens of cats in all kinds of poses.

The readership of this book is most likely anyone who adores cats, but it’s appeal other than that would seem to be limited.

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