Wednesday 11 May 2016

Embassy Row #2: See How They Run

Embassy Row #2: See How They Run by Ally Carter (Scholastic Australia)
HB RRP $19.99
ISBN 978-1-76015-357-1

Reviewed by Jenny Heslop

See How They Run takes up where All Fall Down left readers hanging. Grace has discovered who killed her mother. But instead of helping her to move on, it has devastated her.

Grace is still angry and confused. About her past, about her family, about her friends, and about the role she must now assume. She must make decisions about which secrets to reveal and which ones are even more dangerous if they come to light. On top of that, she now needs to trust the one person she has spent her life believing was her greatest enemy if she wants to get through the next few weeks alive.

This is another fast paced, action adventure from popular teen author Ally Carter. Full of intrigue and suspense, it is hard to put down and the twists the story takes are mostly unexpected.

Set on the fictitious island of Adria, the use of the unique concept of Embassy Row, allows for an intertwining of countries and alliances in a way I have never come across before. I love that Grace move between America and Russia by climbing the back wall, or go next door to Israel, or secretly party in Iran (an empty and unused embassy).
But also, there is a delicate balance in their lives here. How often can the diplomats down play their children’s activities before they become international incidents? Can Grace the American Ambassador’s granddaughter, have a relationship with Alexi, the son of the Russian diplomat?

This is an entertaining, fast read for teens. It is filled with secret societies, murder plots and misplaced alliances. But it is also a book which raises questions about loyalties, trust, politics, power and mob mentality.

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