Tuesday 21 June 2016

Flossie the Fairy

Flossie the Fairy by Nancy Watson, illustrated by Natasha Farrar (Little Steps Publishing)

PB RRP $14.95
ISBN: 9781925117684
Reviewed by Anne Hamilton

Delicate pastel illustrations enhance a subtle story of death and new beginnings.

Flossie is a tiny, invisible fairy who delights in the contents of an elderly lady’s rose-red handbag. There are mirrors and make-up to use for dress-ups; pockets to live in without drawing suspicion. Flossie is entranced by the music Mistress plays on her electric organ each day.

But one day, the music stops. The light, airy atmosphere of the house falls into grey gloom. Strangers come to tidy up the house, throw out things, remove the furniture. They toss the rose-red handbag out in a box of unwanted items for the council truck to pick up on its garbage run.

Flossie leaves the rose-red handbag behind when a little girl comes by and takes a birdcage from the discard pile. Darting into the birdcage, Flossie comes to a new house where she is welcomed by a whole troupe of toys.

This story for 3-6 year olds presents a story of a difficult life transition without either cloying sentimentality or raw facts.

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