Monday 22 August 2016

Song Bird Superhero

Song Bird Superhero by Karen Tyrrell (Digital Future Press)
PB RRP $14.95
ISBN 9780994302137

Reviewed by Kate Simpson

In a world where Supergirl and Wonder Woman are real, Rosella “Rosie” Bird dreams of being able to fly. And she’s not short of ideas that might help her to achieve her goal. Unfortunately, a series of dangerous engineering failures has left her parents less than supportive and with her neighbour Frank contriving to make her life miserable, Rosie feels attacked on all fronts. Only her love of singing sustains her – and that is where the fun begins. With the help of a supportive teacher, Rosie discovers that her voice is the key that will finally let her take flight.

In Song Bird Superhero, Karen Tyrrell tackles again the subject of bullying that she has explored in previous books. Children aged 7-10 will relate to Rosie and her struggle with school bully Frank Furter, who is also her neighbour. Through the book, Tyrrell allows her protagonist Rosie to solve her own problems while also demonstrating to her readers the importance of having a trusted adult to confide in – in this case, teacher Miss Darling.

Although Tyrrell promotes her book as being aligned with STEM science, it is much more science fiction than science fact. Nevertheless, Rosie’s enthusiasm for science and invention is certainly infectious and who knows how many young readers will have new engineering aspirations after reading this book?

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