Saturday 1 October 2016

Dance with Me

Dance with Me by Penny Harrison and Gwynneth Jones (EK Books) PB RRP $19.99
ISBN 978-1-925335-23-1

Reviewed by Elizabeth Vercoe 

Dance with Me is a delightful and uplifting picture book about a music-box ballerina who loves nothing more than to dance.

‘Come dance with me!’ she sings as the music box lid is opened. Then the ballerina and her little human girl dance around together. And because she loves to dance so much, sometimes the ballerina even leaves the music box to dance in the big wide world of the bedroom when the little girl isn’t looking!

However as always happens, small girls grow bigger and their interests change. Who will dance with the ballerina now?

Gwynneth Jones’ divine, soft illustrations are a perfect complement for Penny Harrison’s charming story line. I love the clever and engaging way these pictures give a deeper context to the narrative.

Depicting joy, fun, freedom, movement, uncertainty, release, moving on and new beginnings… this book covers a breadth of ideas with simple beauty and clarity.

A poignant ending brings the story full circle to leave readers young and old, very satisfied.

The book is also available as one of three books in the Sugar and Spice Collection, a beautifully presented boxed set.

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