Thursday 27 October 2016

The Creation

The Creation written and illustrated by David Miles (EK Books) HB RRP $14.99   ISBN 978-1-939629-55-5

Reviewed by Elizabeth Vercoe

If you like your Creation stories with ‘lift and look’ foam flaps, then this tiny offering may be just the ticket.

The Creation is a colourful foam board book which manages to distil into 10 simple pages what religious folk have grappled with for thousands of years – the first seven days of earth’s creation, as represented by the Christian bible.

Kudos to author and illustrator David Miles. The book is quite delightful, with interestingly shaped panel pieces to ‘pop out’ using tiny fingers (and only tiny fingers will do the job well, as I found out the hard way with my big fat damage-y ones!).

‘The creation took seven days, but your child will love this book forever.’

A bold claim which may or not have its basis in truth – however it is certain that the colour and simplicity of the book will appeal to small people.
If you are open to the authority of the biblical voice, then this is a delightful go-to book for sharing with a cuddle, or for quietly exploring alone.

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