Friday 7 October 2016

Willy and the Cloud

Willy and the Cloud by Anthony Browne (Walker Books) HB RRP $24.99
ISBN 9781406366969
Reviewed by Ashling Kwok

Willy and the Cloud is a touching and sensitive story about worry, anxiety, and the way it makes us feel.

One day, Willy the chimp goes to the park. The sun is shining but a cloud hovers over him and follows him everywhere he goes. Willy can’t enjoy the park and can’t have fun because the cloud won’t go away.

Willy reports the cloud to the police but they just laugh at him. He’s tries to hide from it but when he goes outside, it is still there. Willy realises that there is only one thing he can do. He will have to stand up to it. Once he does, the cloud disappears and sunshine fills the sky. Willy heads back to the park but this time he has fun.

Willy and the Cloud was created by international bestseller and former Children's Laureate, Anthony Browne. He is a master wordsmith who has published over 48 books and won every major prize in children’s literature.

This book is designed for ages 3+ years. It uses simple language to explain a difficult concept and gets the message across perfectly. The illustrations are exceptional and the colour palette suits the mood of the story and helps reader empathise with Willy.

Willy and the Cloud is an insightful story and an essential book for young children. It deals sensitively and positively with a difficult topic and shows readers how powerful the mind can be. It is highly recommended.

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