Monday 28 November 2016

Barnaby and the lost Treasure of Bunnville

Barnaby and the lost Treasure of Bunnville by Robert Vescio, illustrated by Cheri Hughes (Big Sky Publishing)
HB RRP $24.99 PB RRP $14.99
ISBN: HB 978-1-925275-64-3 PB 978-1-925275-61-2

Reviewed by Anita Howard

A story about an eco-friendly rabbit and his desire grow a garden from his collection of seeds. Barnaby is a rabbit which has collected many seeds from his travels. He wishes to create a garden where he lives, in Bunnyville. But the mayor is only interested in monetary wealth and says no to Barnaby's request. Barnaby takes advantage of the mayor’s greed and tricks him and citizens of Bunnyville, using a fake treasure map into digging holes all over the open spaces around the town.

Barnaby drops one of his seeds into each hole. Over time, the seeds turn into trees and plants, bearing fruit and vegetables which he takes to the market to sell. Barnaby tells the mayor and people of Bunnyville that here is the wealth from the ground. Through Barnaby’s achievement, infant children and older will gain an insight into the wealth and value of the earth.

The illustrations are clear, bold and playful. The additional inclusion of the ladybug and her different antics, bring anticipation as you wonder what she will do on the next page.

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