Saturday 12 November 2016

Billie B Brown’s Animal Hospital Adventure

Billie B Brown’s Animal Hospital Adventure by Sally Rippin, illustrated by Alisa Coburn (Hardie Grant Egmont) HB RRP $19.99
ISBN 9781760126902
Reviewed by Liz Ledden

Billie B Brown is back in another dynamic adventure for the 4 to 6 year old set. This time, Billie arrives at preschool with a hurt knee. Teacher Simon quickly diverts her attention to a sick teddy, spurring Billie and sidekick Jack into action. They pile into their cardboard ambulance, which morphs into a real one in a puff of coloured clouds, transporting them to an animal hospital.

The action ramps up as a series of animals are brought into the hospital, where Billie is the doctor and Jack is the nurse. Billie rewards each one for their bravery during their treatments, and receives gratitude in return. When her own bandage falls off, Billie feels overwhelmed, until she has her signature ‘super dooper idea’ – she can make a bandage herself. 

Overcoming obstacles, taking charge of situations and being brave are the key themes contained within a fun story, where Billie’s imagination comes to life.

The Billie B Brown ‘Adventure’ series is so beautifully presented, with their hardcovers, unusual size (mid-way between a chapter book and picture book), and vibrant illustrations. This one is sure to have major child appeal, with its cast of animal characters and reassuring ending.

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