Thursday 8 December 2016

I don’t want to go to Bed

I don’t want to go to Bed by David Cornish (Harper Collins) HBK RRP $24.99   ISBN 978-1-46075-05-82

Reviewed by Karen Hendriks

This book is the sequel to the very funny picture book, I Don’t Want to Eat my Dinner by author-illustrator David Cornish. Every night when dinner is done, Rollo cries, 'I don't want to go to bed!'…

Rollo has worked out the evening routine, and going to bed is no fun.  So the stalling routine begins with lots of tried and true tactics.  You know the usual ones -- water, food, story, toilet, and a monster which gets told to go far away.  Rollo is loud, lovable and annoying. 

This picture book targets preschoolers from 3 years old.  The simple text and illustrations tell the story beautifully to small children who know all about not wanting to go to bed and what excuses to make to avoid it.

The mood is captured so simply, with Rollo’s facial expressions, from his little cranky face to the large text that loudly tells the reader that Rollo is not going to go to bed without a fight.   Large speech bubbles, checklists and a big crying mouth add to the drama and loudness of the story.  Rollo’s demands and antics just make you burst with laughter.  We can hear Rollo’s loud voice in our heads as we turn the pages and see his hungry mouth with a few teeth, to his parched and as dry as a desert mouth.  Luckily, for Rollo and his parents, his demands are met and he finally gives into tiredness and falls asleep.

I am sure that the author has more plans for Rollo in the future. You never know what Rollo’s next adventure will be, but you can be sure it will be funny.

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