Saturday 7 January 2017

My Best Friend is a Goddess

My Best Friend is a Goddess by Tara Eglington (Harper Collins Australia) PB RRP $19.99   ISBN 978-0-7322999-0-3

Reviewed by Karen Hendriks

Australian Tara Edlington has written a powerful novel that is seriously smart, having a unique appeal that highlights the turmoil of self-discovery with all the hurts and triumphs of growing and changing as a teenage girl. 

The book’s theme is more than friendship: it also covers bullying, death, family, self discovery, boys, school, parents, and change. In doing this, it touches the hearts and souls of its teenage readers.

An addictive read that celebrates girlhood with Emily and Adrianna, both in the role of narrator, the story seamlessly moves along with each girl’s perceptions and experiences. 

Emily and Adrianna have been friends since Year One and have a strong friendship bond that is threatened by the inevitable challenges of not only boy crushes but learning to love and to accept themselves.  One girl is confident, outgoing, and tackles life head on, while the other is stunningly beautiful but feels like an ugly duckling. Each girl envies the qualities of the other.   

“I don’t want it to get to me. Happiness shouldn’t have anything to do with ‘pretty’ or ‘not pretty’. And yet none of that logic stops me from falling into the oh-so predictable trap of looking in the mirror and wishing I was different.  And with that, I let ‘pretty’ rule my world, too.”

The two best friends suffer a crush on the same cute guy, Theo James, but sadly one girl will be left heart-broken.

Unique to the book are references in Emily’s art class to artworks, culture and mythology which adds further interest for the reader.  Character, drama and the information blend together seamlessly so that the reader learns as she reads. My Best Friend is a Goddess is a must-read for young people – especially girls -- aged 13 years and over.

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