Friday 12 May 2017

Amazing Australians in their Flying Machines

Amazing Australians in their Flying Machines by Prue and Kelly Mason, illustrations by Tom Jellett (Walker Books) HB RRP $24.99 ISBN 9781922244635

Reviewed by Ashling Kwok

Can you imagine what the world was like before we had aeroplanes? Imagine how long it took to get anywhere and how isolated we were from the rest of the world.

Amazing Australians in their Flying Machines shares the stories of 10 brave Australians who took to the skies and changed aviation forever. These Australians had vision and courage, and it is thanks to them that we can travel through the air.

The authors were inspired to write this book after they bought a vintage plane in 2000. Both licensed pilots, they started researching the history of their purchase and were intrigued by what they uncovered.

This book is overflowing with interesting facts about aeroplanes and aviation, and is not only interesting to read but also highly informative.

Did you know that women weren’t allowed to fly until 1927, even though men were permitted to fly 15 years earlier? Well, after reading this book you will have lots of impressive facts to wow your friends and family with.

Amazing Australians in their Flying Machines is one of the most visually appealing books on the market. It is beautifully designed with fun illustrations from Tom Jellett and archival photography of each of the Australians featured.

It is a wonderful educational tool for children and is great for classroom discussions. It features "Did You Know" sidebars, three amazing facts about each of the people featured and friendly, informative text that is enjoyable and entertaining to read.

This book is perfect for readers aged 9 years and over, and is a brilliant gift for young readers interested in aviation and Australian history.

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