Saturday 10 June 2017

Catch the Fox board game

Catch the Fox board game (Crown & Andrews and Goliath Games) RRP $39.95

Reviewed by Di Bates

Voted the best new game at the 2017 London Toy Fair, Catch the Fox is a hilarious game where players have to stop a greedy fox from stealing chickens. He can lose his trousers at any moment, and when he does, the players have to rescue as many chickens as you can. The first to collect 5 chickens wins!

Catch the Fox is great family fun and suitable for 2 to 6 players. The game is easy to set up and no batteries are required. Inside the game box is a 20 centimetre high plastic fox whose underpants must first be retrieved from under his feet: you then pull the pants up over his lower half, raise his hands and you’re ready to begin.

To start the game, the player who makes the best clucking sound rolls the first die. Then he or she places as many of the small plastic chickens as indicated on the die into the fox’s pockets. Next the player has to push down on the fox’s head. This is a game of chance as sometimes after pushing on the head nothing happens and the next player rolls the die.

However, unexpectedly the pants sometimes fall down (and disappear), and of course all the chickens scatter! All players – each using only one hand – have to try to gather the fallen chickens. The chickens gathered must be then put into the ‘coop’ provided for each player. Each coop has five empty spaces: the first player to have five chickens in his or her coop is the winner!

This is an easy-to-play game which makes it ideal for a family activity with Mum, Dad and children aged 4+ years. Alternatively a group of up to four children can play the game with minimum supervision. Ideal for school holiday activity.

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