Thursday 15 June 2017

Fluffy Chick

Fluffy Chick  by Rod Campbell (Pan Macmillan Australia)  PB RRP $14.99  ISBN 978-1-5098-3435-8

Reviewed by Bev Murrill

A beautiful little book for pre-readers and toddlers, this delightful little story of Fluffy Chick, who lives on a farm, is typical of the genre in this series.

Each page is full of brightly coloured pictured and one character on the page has an aspect of its body that can be stroked, touched, and rubbed, to give a sense of what that animal’s skin or fur may feel like.

Little ones always love this kind of book, replete as it is with early learning opportunities to find out more about the world around them. Mums and Dads too find this an easy read with lots of laughter and encouragement to make the noises these animals would make.

This book is a must for any family with littlies who want to explore their world. 

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