Tuesday 13 June 2017

Lucy’s Pet Dilemma

Lucy’s Pet Dilemma by Kate Bennett (Celapene Press) PB RRP $14.95 ISBN 978-0-9924414-7-0

Reviewed by Margaret Warner

Most children, at one time or another, want to have a pet. Parents know that caring for a pet encourages responsibility, awareness about the needs of living creatures and a sense of compassion.

Lucy has had two pets plus a pet rock. Unfortunately, she forgot to feed her goldfish and they died then she overfed the budgie, she abandoned her pet rock and re-homed it in the garden and she’s not very fond of the family dog.

When Lucy’s second best friend, Charlotte asks her to take her pet mouse, Albertine since she can’t take the mouse with her when she moves, Lucy is desperate to show her parents that she can now be a responsible pet carer. They agree on a two week trial and Lucy does try extra hard and all goes well until the pet mouse accidentally escapes. The way in which Lucy deals with Albertine’s temporary escape indicates to her parents that she is definitely becoming a much more responsible pet carer and also brings an unexpected bonus to Lucy.

Lucy’s Pet Dilemma is 42 pages long with six chapters and suitable for independent readers aged six plus years. The cover by illustrator Jenny England will attract young readers and the interspersed small b/w illustrations break up the text which makes for easier reading.

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