Friday 28 July 2017

The Fifth Planet

The Fifth Planet by Antoinette Connolly (self published) PB RRP $16.00 ISBN 978-0 9775860-5-9. Copies from

Reviewed by Lucinda Gifford

The Fifth Planet is Antoinette Connolly's sixth science fiction novel for children. The enterprising self-published author has also written "The Cauchemar Series", as well as "A Key To Time". The "Fifth Planet" follows the adventures of Abby and Matthew as, after a dramatic electrical storm, they find themselves on an alien ship destined for the planet of Zorgon. Rather than imprisoning the children, the furry, vegetarian, telepathic alien crew of this space shuttle enlist their help in finding a new planet to inhabit, as their own world is politically and geologically unstable. The fantastical adventures that follow encompass travel to planets in our own solar system (which harbour unexpected surprises), wormholes, and the dark side of our own moon. 

Children who are interested in space travel, science fiction – and even geology – should enjoy this book.

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