Tuesday 22 May 2018

Spy within a Ruby

Spy within a Ruby by Stefan A. Nicholson (Envirosupport) PB RRP $18
ISBN 978-0-9804604-9-0

Reviewed by Stacey Gladman

Spy within a Ruby is the perfect book for those who love a little crime and mystery in their life.

The story centres around the Mayfair Mews hotel, where 16 year-old Eric lives with his parents who run the hotel. Eric and his childhood sweetheart Ruby - who unfortunately for him, hates him, as she hates life in general - get recruited by MI6 operative James Batholomew Watt, AKA Roger Davis, to perform a secret mission.

Living within the Mayfair Mews Hotel, Eric is a prime candidate to gain access to hotel guests - specifically two - who happen to be Russian and Chinese spies who are negotiating to buy classified defence from the Cigar Club.

He decides to enlist Eric to help keep an eye on the guests after deciding any of his fellow operatives would be uncovered in their espionage attempts. The agreement starts of well, with Davis questioning his decision to ask two teenagers for help in a situation of national intelligence. “All I am asking is that you note the time of day these people come and go…but only if you happen to notice…note no deliberate spying on them…and maybe if you can tell me who picked them up…or a car registration. Absolutely no more than that! Do I make myself clear?”

Unfortunately, the warning could have been too late for Ruby, who is shortly after abducted as a bargaining chip of sorts against Davis. Surprisingly, it’s the very people that the pair are spying on in the first place who attempt to come to Ruby’s rescue, but the questions is, will they make it in time to save Ruby?

From exploding boats, to suspense and international secrets, Spy within a Ruby has it all. I would recommend for those who like to think about their stories and try and predict the plot.

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