Sunday 1 July 2018

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Amazing Author Achievement

Readings Kid bookseller Dani Solomon was asked in an interview with Bookseller & Publisher: What has been your biggest achievement or proudest moment as a bookseller? 
Her reply was: My proudest moment happened when I was talking to semi-regular customer about a book for her daughter but kept getting distracted because her son had seen the new A L Tait book was out and was so excited he was running around shouting and hugging it. His enthusiasm and happiness were so contagious I had to stop talking and laugh. His mum noticed and said to me, ‘You did that. It has always been a struggle to get him to read books, but you found the right book for him and look at him’. I teared up a bit to be honest. I try to recreate that moment every day.’
What an amazing thing for an author to hear about the effect of her book on a young reader!
Book of Plays

Congratulations on Elizabeth Klein whose book, Comedy Theatre for Upper Primary has been contracted by Five Senses Education with a possible two more textbooks to be written in the series.                                       

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