Saturday 21 July 2018

Something for Fleur

Something for Fleur by Catherine Pelosi, illustrated by Caitlin Murray (Lothian Books) PB RRP$14.99, also available in HB and e-book ISBN 9780734418184

Reviewed by Dianne Bates

This delightful, bright picture book plays to the excited anticipation which all children experience as they wait for their special day -- their birthday -- and what presents might await them.

It’s soon to be Flo the Flamingo’s birthday and she’s as excited as any child. On the first day, the postman delivers a letter from Bo which promises something special in the mail. ‘It’s very big,’ the letter promises which has Flo wondering if perhaps it’s ice-cream mountains or ten-tiered cakes. On the next two days there are more letters, each offering promises. By now Flo is beside herself with excitement.

However, on her birthday there’s nothing in the letterbox and there’s no parcel. Cue the impatience where Flo waits and waits until…

There’s such a build-up until the big surprise at the very end of the book. (And no, we’re not going to reveal the goody in the big box!)

Written at times in rhyming couplets and with the most colourful and engaging full-page illustrations with masses of images that frolic throughout the pages, this is an ideal picture book for any child aged two to six years.

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