Thursday 26 July 2018

The Frog’s Princess

This is an excerpt from Kathy Smart’s middle grade novel The Frog’s Princess. Kathy is currently working with a team of artists and a programmer to turn it into an interactive storybook.

Kathy writes under the name Joy Everafter.

Life as a frog was woeful and Francis wasn’t going to miss this chance to change back to human form.  He hung on tight to the pretty girl’s shoulder.  “You’re a princess, aren’t you?  The crown’s a dead give-away.”  He pursed his lips.  “I need a kiss, quick.”
        “Get off me, Frog.”  The princess prised him off and stood.
         Couldn’t she see he wasn’t a frog?  Francis hopped up and grabbed at her skirt hem.  Oops, he got green on it.  
        “It’s okay, I’m a prince.  Prince Francis of Olden.  You kiss me, whammo, I turn back.”  And the sooner the better.  He’d been dodging foxes and weasels all afternoon and he’d never survive a night out here.
        “Master Frog, you’ve been bewitched.”  She wasn’t even looking at him, she was lifting a stick off the ground.
       “Of course I’ve been bewitched!  I mean, how often do you meet a talking frog?”
       She lay on the low stone wall and circled her stick in the well.  All she was thinking about was her Golden Orb.
       He bounced up and down beside her.  “I need you to turn me back into a prince.  It’s a matter of life and death.”
       She didn’t even turn to look at him.  “If you were a true prince—” she said, wetting her arm to the shoulder as she prodded the well, “—you’d have a crown.”
      “I get turned into a frog and I’m supposed to put on a crown?”

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