Saturday 25 August 2018

Cat Spies Mouse

Cat Spies Mouse by Rina Foti and illustrations by Dave Atz (Big Sky Publishing) PB RRP $14.99 ISBN 9781925675344

Reviewed by Stacey Gladman

The struggle between cat and mouse is as old as time. Cat Spies Mouse is a fresh look at the age-old tale. The story can come across as deceptively simple at first glance, but it's the layers within the story where it really shines.

One day Cat meets a mouse and wants to eat him, but the fun really begins when Mouse asks Cat a very important question when Cat says he wants to "gobble you up Mouse" - why? Cat being rather bossy and impatient announces, "Because you're a mouse and I'm a cat and that's that". But should it be? Mouse continues his line of questioning until Dog arrives, and before he can even try and stop him Dog gobbles up Cat.

Mouse unperturbed starts his line of questioning again, this time with Dog who thought it was just the way things are to eat Cat. Dog begins to feel guilty and it's not long before he spits out Cat.

I adored this story and think it has numerous good lessons for children like not accepting the status quo and attempting to make the world a better place through one’s actions, it's also a good reminder that friendship comes in all shapes and forms.

The illustrations were clear and straight forward, and I felt helped add to the storyline. I believe children will really take a liking to the style of this book throughout.

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