Tuesday 7 August 2018

‘Saving Saria’ by Jill Jackson

Scrambling up, she blinked to focus her eyes. Where were the tangled roots outside her home? She swung her head looking for clues until her eyes fell on the rope. It was hanging limp from the boat. Her gut turned.
      She tried to gather her thoughts when the boat jolted and lurched from side to side. A huge silver scaled fish swept by in a trail of ripples. Its tail fin gleamed. 
          Terror shot through her body as she remembered what her elders told her. The creek goes all the way to the big sea. When the tide comes in fish swim up the creek and when it goes out they swim back to the sea.
Kendo stomped up and down the bank his face growing redder with every step. His shrill whistle sent birds flying.
          Willum appeared within seconds his long face like thunder. 
          Kendo leapt onto his back. “Go!” he commanded.
          Willum scampered through the bush before he froze, his hairs on end.  
          Kendo’s sharp eyes scanned for danger. “Don’t even think about diving down a hole,” he warned.
          But Willum was already bolting for the water.
          Kendo braced as they slid down the bank at an alarming speed. At the same time a Hunter bird soared away over the trees. So that’s what spooked Willum!
          The quick current unnerved him as he scoured the creek for his boat. The cold place with no light! They couldn’t end up there. “Get out of the water,” he yelled.

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